Reasons Why Chuck It Gets Bad Evaluations

I can opt out at any time as described in Rover’s Privacy Statement. Read on and we’ll introduce you to the classics, plus a few new and improved throwers that are bound to thrill your pet and make your life a little easier. Have your more chuckit frisbee advanced pup try out this obstacle course. Next thing you know he’ll be competing in the Westminster Dog Show. As an online informational resource, Preventive Vet is unable to and does not provide specific medical advice or counseling.

But like most things in the summertime, it’s just better outside. Check out these toys that your dog definitely won’t mind getting a little dirty in the great outdoors this summer.

The Basics of Chuckit Dog Toys That You Can Take Advantage Of Starting Today

These types of chew toys are always a great choice for dogs who may have bad habits of biting and chewing. Especially when it’s things that don’t belong to them. If your pup likes to chew your furniture or shoes, they might benefit from a bacon-flavored chew toy like this one. It holds up to larger sized pups with powerful jaws, making it ideal for aggressive chewers.

The Wunderball’s asteroid-like appearance and texture promote dental health while your dog chews on it, which makes it another excellent multi-tasking toy! Their website claims that the ball is ‘nearly indestructible,’ which reviews online seem to back up. This ball also comes in a ton of exciting bright colors for high visibility during your games. The biggest downside to this toy appears to be its price tag, a whopping $10-$13 for each ball depending on size.

The ZippyPaws Smarty Paws Puzzler is a fun, interactive puzzle toy that can be adjusted to your dog’s level of difficulty. Each level involves treat-dispensing that gets more advanced each time. Ever wondered why dogs love the sound of squeaky toys?

Heather Logue is a retail and arts writer who goes camping whenever she can. A lifelong dog lover, she misses her epileptic dog Sammy every day. This interactive ball wobbles and wiggles around for her to chase even when you’re not home.

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