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Djokovic additionally never confronted a younger Federer on grass (Fed’s best floor). Most of Djokovic’s larger or greater achievements happened towards an getting older Federer, who had already reached 30 years old, by 2011. And also in the course of the time Nadal was experiencing higher struggles with accidents.

I just discover that what Nadal and Djokovic have been capable of achieve over their whole careers is much more spectacular to me than Federer. By the way, Djokovic gained his 1st Grand Slam singles title at age 20, whereas Federer was almost 23 when he gained his 1st Grand Slam singles title. Djokovic then gained his 2nd Grand Slam singles aged 23 within the Australian Open in 2011, still younger than Federer was when Federer won his 1st Grand Slam singles title. Djokovic then continued to have nice success in 2011, profitable extra Grand Slam titles. Djokovic has performed properly on all surfaces, as has Nadal.

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The testimony to this is that at 38 years of age he is still in high 3, and his rivals Rafael & Novak are in top three of the greatest of all time, which none of the rivals of Rod Laver or some other participant had. Federer and Nadal deserve to be in the high two positions, in my view. And I really feel to ensure that Dokovic to have ranked higher, he needed to do extra through the 1st half of his rivalry towards Federer and Nadal ( ). During that periord of time referenced, Djokovic only managed to win simply 1 GS title, of the primary 20. In fact, Nadal recorded more GS than Djokovic did on all 3 surfaces, by 2010. Djokovic should’ve at least held an edge over Nadal, on his best floor .

Nadal experienced extra challenges with accidents, submit 2011, than prior to that yr. He missed more GS tournaments during , than he did from . To me, those elements made Djokovic’s path in direction of his larger success was simpler than that of Federer and Nadal. What Nadal and Djokovic have achieved in profitable Grand Slam singles titles in a 5 12 months shorter time-frame than Federer places each Nadal and Djokovic above Federer.

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Nothing you or any other Federer fan will say will persuade Nadal and Djokovic followers in any other case! Even when you and each other Federer fan frequently retains writing that he’s the GOAT a zillion times, I and different Nadal and Djokovic fans will frequently snort out loud at these comments as a result of we strongly disagree. Only then will that participant be known as the Greatest of All Time. Mr Lendl, you’re spot on and utterly correct together with your assessment. IMHO Weeks at ATP No 1 is likely one of the biggest benefits of Federer towards Nadal. Nadal would want no less than GS titles to assert that he is higher than RF. At the same time Nole in all probability surpass RF’s 310 weeks, but disqualification at US Open might value him far more than just one GS title – a place in history.

I would somewhat hearken to, learn the opinion and agree with Ivan Lendl than agree with the majority of fully biased and popularity based Federer followers. However, people who didn’t see Rod Laver play, simply see that he’s gained eleven Grand Slam singles titles general, which isn’t fair and he had a lot better opposition than Roy Emerson, who gained more Grand Slam singles titles. At least in equity, Roy Emerson, who cashed in on winning Grand Slam singles titles in Rod Laver’s absence, was not named within the Greatest Of All Time List.

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Nadal and Djokovic have achieved greater than Federer did in a 5 year less time interval. They, together with Rod Laver are the greatest of all time, not Federer. Lendl additionally mentioned in that interview that it gained’t be a popularity contest to decide who is the best player of all time, however the number of Grand Slam singles titles won by every participant in any case of them have retired. Bliss, each astute tennis individual is aware of that Grand Slam singles titles is the actual measure of the greatest males’s player of all time. Only the whole variety of Grand Slam singles titles will resolve who’s the GOAT, in any case 3 have retired.

Gonzalo, your argument has completely no relevance whatsoever as to who is the best male tennis participant of all time. Stick to the point and cease criticising different gamers. Gonzalo, your hatred of Nadal and Djokovic is clear It wouldn’t matter to you if Nadal and Djokovic had received 30 Grand Slam singles titles each. I simply admire players who do their job well, successful their Grand Slam singles titles in a shorter timeframe than Federer.

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Nadal and Djokovic will maintain letting their racquets do the talking by profitable more Grand Slam singles titles total than Federer. Nadal, repeatedly has harassed the opponent by requesting additional time earlier than serving. This motion is illegal as a result of the gamers as soon as ready can serve every time they want until there may be an emergency. Again, I repeat, Nadal does this time and again; that is dishonest and significantly upsetting for the opponent. There is no doubt that Roger Federer is the Greatest of all Time.

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It’s widespread knowledge that Federer had it simpler as far as the standard of opposition was involved earlier than Nadal and Djokovic arrived. I say Rod Laver is the best participant of all time for having gained the calendar Grand Slam twice. Tyran, you seem to take enjoyment of mentioning what Federer did when he was youthful. I would argue that Federer would not have gained as many Grand Slam singles titles as he did, had both Djokovic and Nadal began their careers on the same time. Yet you didn’t point out the 3 Grand Slam singles titles the “aging” Federer received from age 35 onwards. Don’t neglect that Nadal and Djokovic haven’t even reached the age of 35 as but.

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Rao Srinivas, don’t denigrate the very good profession of Rod Laver. There is every doubt that Roger Federer is the greatest of all time.