Chuck It Dog Toys – A Mans Perspective

If it says that it is for light to moderate chewers, then don’t expect it to last if your pet happens to be a power chewer. Chewing on a toy ball will not really lead to a significant reduction in your dog’s weight; directing it to run several laps around your yard can, however.

Guy at pet store told me he had one for his pitbull and had lasted more than a month. My lab ripped it open and started to eat the “indestructible” material in less than 5 minutes. I’ve given up now since I am broken financially from toy purchases.

The Do’s and Do nots Of Chuck It

Although it will keep your dog entertained for a long time without much of your input, it is very important that you supervise to make sure he doesn’t swallow anything. We bought the larger size to cater to all of our dogs and it wasn’t a problem, it’s light enough to be carried by smaller dogs as well as big ones. For starters it lasts a very long time, even for aggressive chewers like our Jack Russells or the PitBull rescues from the shelter. It has no bells or whistles like most toys we’ve mentioned on this list, but it really works in its simplicity. The Whistler Ball drives our dogs crazy, they won’t rest until they catch their “prey”. Dogs see it perfectly, it’s very bouncy and easy to clean, though if you want to throw it for long and keep your hands clean, you might want to use the dog ball launcher.

These intensely durable, intensely delicious bones are made from compressed nylon and can stand up to even the most intense chewing. They’re relatively inexpensive and last forever, making them a great value for your chew-happy pooch. As with any bone, always supervise your dog’s chewing, and remove the toy if your dog is getting a little too carried away. For a slightly different take on ball launching, try this dog ball stomper that is entirely foot-powered!

This treat puzzle dog toy by Nina Ottosson provides physical and mental stimulation for your dog, helping to reduce boredom. Food or treats are inserted into the top of the toy so the more your dog interacts with it the more likely he is to get a treat. Easy to fill and with adjustable openings to change the difficulty, this is a winner for fidgety pups. You can grab them in packs, so your dog can keep one of these toys in each room of the house. This is a toy my dog has had since I adopted her years ago, and it’s one of the few original toys she still has. This toy was designed to withstand heavy chewing, and its unique texture helps clear plaque off your pup’s teeth. After cleaning up the pieces of one too many real sticks from my floor, I bought the Pet Qweks BarkBone Stick for my dog.

No matter how your pup picks this ball up, there is an unobstructed path that your dog can breathe through. As you would expect from a sturdy toy, the Jive weighs considerably more than your ordinary tennis ball. If you bounce it indoors, it will hit the ground with a loud clunk and is heavy enough to break a window or other fragile items in your home. Therefore, I only recommend this ball for outdoor use. The other sizes are good if your pup is on the extremes of dog breed sizing. Since there is no fuzz for smaller dogs to grip, I recommend sizing down.

Chuck It No Further a Mystery

Improving its cardiovascular health improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues of its body. And chuck it balls small as we all know, oxygen and nutrients are important for life. Dogs need direction, especially on what they need to do.

It’s made with durable construction and has a reputable company of origin. The toy comes in a few different sizes ranging from small to large. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect sized toy for your pup. I found the sizing interesting because it shows the manufacturer understands that even smaller breeds can be aggressive chewers. Lots of dog experts, from veterinarians to dog trainers, highly recommended this indestructible dog toy for aggressive chewers. On top of that, the bounce is unpredictable for added fun. You can also use the toy to enhance your pup’s playtime by stuffing it with treats that it can scavenge for.

(Plus, as it looks like something your dog shouldn’t have – they’ll definitely want it!). Thanks to it’s non-spherical shape, this Erratic Ball bounces randomly as it lands. The ball’s geometric angles and pouncy bounce pattern are perfect if you’ve got a particularly exuberant hound. Teething puppies are always gnawing, so Benebone recently introduced a puppy line of products featuring a somewhat softer material. The bones come in tiny, small, and medium for puppies ranging all the way from teeny to up to 60 pounds. I have several of these for my brainy border collie mix, but also because I like to challenge my foster puppies and make them work for their meals.

We like to smear peanut butter in the crevices, poke in some kibble or treats, and then freeze the Qwizl for a long-lasting time killer. If your dog is a serious chewer or just likes to snuggle, there’s something here for your playful BFF. “For cuddle time, Kong Cozie stuffed toys are the best we’ve found.” “Available in a range of sizes, this tough toy makes dogs of all sizes feel mighty.” “Whether your pup wants to chew or fetch, the Zogoflex is ready for it.” If you are in need of a simple and classic yet durable ball for your dog, SportsPet Rubber Balls are perfect.

Chuck It Techniques That No One Else Is Aware Of

The reason we rank this ahead of the Wobbler is due to the fun factor. While the Wobbler is generally stationary, the Tux is fun for your dog to bounce around the room as he tries to get every last treat out. Need to get something done, but your dog wants to play?

It’s multilayered, which makes it difficult for dogs to chew through, and it rolls easily, which makes it fun for dogs to play with by themselves, too. My dog loves playing fetch, but when the game is over she often chews on the balls. Given the chance, she’ll pull the fabric off tennis balls and rip apart the rubber, which is why we now solely use Chuckit! The thick rubber construction of these balls has held up extremely well. As a bonus, their bright orange color is easy to spot in long grass. SqueakAir Balls look like tennis balls but act like squeaky dog toys, bouncing erratically while holding up to hours of play.